SaNaRae 1st round 2015 09 26

SaNaRae 1Round 2015 09 23

Sanarae is an event sim where shoppers can benefit from SL Designers' best offers such as

50% sales, gachas, 1 buy get 2, Limited and much more.

Our designers from all over the world have different tastes, so that will promise shoppers have a lot to choose from in Sanarae.The event theme changes on the 25th of every month and there will be new designers participating in every round.While working on an event in the sky, we always welcome visitors to hang out and take shots in Sanarae land with beautiful sceneries, so hope to see lots of you to come and have fun with us Sanarae!

● Event Open Date : 26th of sept 2015

(only this 1st round be open 26th. since next every round will be officially open in 25th of each month)

● Event Theme : Fall Season, Coffee, fallen leaves, camping.

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