March 21, 2017

SaNaRae 18 Round

* SaNaRae 18 Round Coming Soon !

Sim moved! please come to New location

Location :

Event open 26th 7pm SLT

Event close 18th 12am SLT


**DP**yumyum Garbaggio M.I.X.* ASO...

March 21, 2017

SaNaRae 17Round

* SaNaRae 17 Round open !

Location :

Since 2017.01.26 ~

Close 2017.02.18

Garbaggio *katat0nik* ASO!&Soothe. Pseudo

M.I.X. AMITOMO Doe Vibes La Baguette Evermore

Happy Dispatch Schadenfreu...

March 21, 2017

SaNaRae 16 Round Open 

Happy New year !!!

SaNaRae 16 Round Now Open <3

Dec 26th 7pm SLT

~ Jan 18th 12am SLT (2017)

Location :

Garbaggio ★ DPyumyum ★ offbeat ★ ASO!&Soothe ★ Doe

AMITOMO ★ Runic Design ★ m...

March 21, 2017

SaNaRae 15 Round Open

Nov 26th ~ Dec 18th

15Round now open !

Location :


Garbaggio offbeat DP yumyum M.I.X. Me Sew Sexy



Amitie Po...

March 21, 2017

SaNaRae 14 Round Now Open!

SaNaRae Halloween 14 Round

Location :

Event Open : 26th Oct - 7pm SLT

Event Close : 18th Nov - 12am SLT

Designer list!


Sponsored by


October 26, 2016

Event Open : 26th Sep - 7pm SLT

1st year anniversary round close to Oct's 18th

**DP**yumyum Garbaggio DYNASTY Pillows

pixicat Katatonik ASO!&Soothe. AMITOMO offbeat

Belle Epoque E.V.E M.I.X.* Nocciola Sweet Lies Designs

Hazy Me Sew Sexy [sYs] Lybra Li...

August 30, 2016

SaNaRae 12 Round Now Open!

Location :

seraphim Blogged : 

Designer list!


AZOURY Candy Crunch...

August 30, 2016

SaNaRae - 11 Round

SaNaRae 11 Round (july 25th ~ august 18th)

**DP**yumyum Garbaggio Candy Crunchers mignon. M.I.X.

ASO!&Soothe. Lybra PINK HUSTLER Pillows tanakamura-kagu

La Baguette Sync'd Motion and...

July 11, 2016

SaNaRae's 10Round - 

Store list - 

Garbaggio  Pewpew!  mignon.  M.I.X.*  Belle Epoque
ASO!&Soothe.   offbeat  PINK HUSTLER  Toro  Lybra

Essenz  parfait.   Sweet Lies Designs  Me Sew Sexy
NuDoLu  ::Una::   MAGN...

May 22, 2016

Sanarae is an event sim where shoppers can benefit from SL Designers' best offers such as discounted price than main store only from at SaNaRae

**DP**yumyum  AMITOMO  offbeat  Belle Epoque  Khoi
Pseudo  Garbaggio Pewpew!  CURELESS [...

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March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017

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